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I need a Bee Vet!
Honey Bee Health Assessment


Honey bees, just like our family pets, can get sick from a variety of parasites and pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungal). You can reduce your risk of colony collapse with basic honey bee health and colony care, good nutritional support when needed and an integrated pest management strategy for varroa mites (and other pests). Just like our cats and dogs it’s important to protect our honey bees from parasites and keep them protected. 


Whether you’re new to keeping bees or a seasoned beekeeper the most important factor is knowing how to do a through and complete hive inspection. Knowing how to identify the signs of a healthy colony as well as how to quickly determine when disease is present. As your veterinarian I will work with you to develop a concise but complete hive inspection protocol. If we determine that any of your colonies are diseased we will work together to determine the best treatment plan for you and your bees. 

Contact us to schedule a hive assessment.


Sick Hive Call 


If during your hive inspections you suspect or have confirmed one or more of your colonies is diseased you may need a veterinarian. If a medicated feed/antibiotic is required for treatment a Veterinary Feed Directive is now required. On a hive call we will inspect the diseased colony (or colonies) and/or a representative sample of colonies (in the case of a larger apiary). Then together we will determine the best approach. Many colony diseases/conditions have a number of different treatments and we will work to make the best plan for your apiary. 


Initial Apiary Health Assessment $75/hour 


Sick Hive Call (0-20 miles from Northville, MI), $50/hr


Sick Hive Call (> 20 miles from Northville, MI, $50/hr + mileage 

Contact us if you think your colony is suffering from an illness and may need a veterinarian.