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Chubb E Acres Farm Sales Policy

Before you buy please read: 
I love my goats and it is very important to me that they all go to good homes. In order to purchase a goat for your family you must meet the following requirements.

  • You have to have another goat, or you're buying two. Goats are herd animals, if they do not have a companion they get depressed, sick, and often do not thrive. Yes, other animals can be companions, but I would only recommend farm animals of similar size (i.e. not a horse companion).

  • I do not sell bottle babies. I believe that the kids should be dam-raised as this helps them thrive, transition to hay/grain faster, learn to be a goat and learn herd animal manners. 

  • You have to have a place of containment for them with plenty of things to climb on. I do reserve the right to ask that you provide photos of your facility (fence, shelter, other animals that will be housed with your Nigerians) 

  • Be knowledgeable on your goat facts and how to take care of them. While I am happy to help you out on your journey as those did before me, you do have to know what you're getting into when bringing goats onto your farm and be prepared before purchase. 

  • You must have a veterinarian reference or at least contact info for a veterinarian that provides caprine medicine and emergency call

  • These are not meat goats, so please do not ask.



If you are interested in an animal on my website listed for sale:

  • Please email me to make sure the animal is still available.

  • If I reply that the animal is still available, please send 50% of the sale price to me through Paypal (you must choose the family and friends option on Paypal) at or call at 517-202-7989 and pay 50% of the sale price by credit card.

  • When the deposit is received, I will mark the animal “SOLD” on the website.

  • I will email you with an approximate date the animal will be ready for pickup.

  • At the time of pick up for the animal, the other 50% of the sale price is due in full (cash only please) 

  • Deposits make sure that you are certain the animal you selected is the one you want

    prior to sending your deposit.

  • Deposits are not refundable under any circumstance. Transfer of deposit from one animal to another will be limited and made on a case by case basis. I reserve the right to return a deposit for any reason at any time.


Pick up of Animals Sold

I will email you with the date the animal is ready for pickup. I will hold the purchased animal for one week after the original scheduled pickup date. After that time, a daily charge will be added to the purchase price or the animal may be offered to another buyer and any deposits will be forfeited. In most cases, I will gladly work out pick up times to benefit the buyer especially if multiple pets are purchased.

Registration Papers
If an animal is capable of being registered, then I will provide the registration papers for the owner to submit. A goat will be given the ADGA registration papers, once the animal is registered with ADGA it can be registered with NDGA and AGS from the ADGA paper. All of my goats are capable of being triple registered if registered. I will not provide the NDGA and AGS forms. Registration papers will not be issued with wethers as pets. If you want papers to show your wether, you must let me know and a $25 fee for registration papers will be added to your total.

Chubb E Acres Farm reserves the right to retain any animal born on the farm. I reserve the right not to do business with anyone for any reason. All animals are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale. When the animals leave my farm, I am not responsible for the animals and cannot offer any guarantees. Any illness attributed to normal animal issues that require owner maintenance shall be handled by the new owner. Buyer care or lack of care will not warrant return of money, replacement of animals or costs the owner claims. Once the animal leaves the farm, there will be no return of money, replacement of animals, or costs the owner claims.